Casale Pozzuolo: the historic farmhouse for your holidays in maremma

In the heart of Tuscany, few steps away from Cinigiano and Orcia, deep in the Maremma region and more precisely in Borgo Santa Rita, in a magical valley that separates and at the same time embraces two DOCG wines, Montalcino and Montecucco, you can find Casale Pozzuolo in all its majesty. This is an extraordinary historic house where you can spend your holidays in Maremma in total peace and relaxation.

In this geographical context of great importance and with a magical atmosphere, Casale Pozzuolo, with all its beauty, welcomes and takes care of its guests in a place rich in scents and of particular intensity, immersed in the deepest and most rural nature of Maremma.

The vineyards of the annexed farm, with their meticulously cared-for rows of grapes, produce an excellent Montecucco DOCG red wine: Rosso della Porticcia and Riserva di Rosso della Porticcia. The wonderful swimming pool of the farmhouse and a cosy spa make Casale Pozzuolo a unique place.

The history of Casale Pozzuolo dates back to the mid-1100s: the adverse events brought it from the Piccolomini to Senesi and to the assignees until the first generation of the Galluzzi family, which still owns this beautiful piece of paradise. After five generations, the Galluzzi family is always here in its land, to which it is strongly attached, immersed in the magnificence of Casale Pozzuolo, and it is ready to welcome its guests and give them unforgettable and precious moments.

«My passion stems from the history of this land, which has been destined to viticulture since ancient times. One day, under a fig tree, I promised my grandfather that I would renovate the whole house and replant the vineyards».

Daniele Galluzzi