Book your holiday in Tuscany at Casale Pozzuolo.
Historic residence of Tuscany half of 1100.

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Historic residence for holidays in Tuscany

Casale Pozzuolo is located on the north-western edge of the ”Maremma Grossetana”. It is an old historic house of Tuscany to spend your holidays, in the Municipality of Cinigiano, on the slopes of Mount Amiata, which dates back to 1400 and still bears a unique and ancient charm full of antique and unmistakable scents of the deepest and most uncontamined Maremma.

The fantastic location of the house, placed on top of a short hill, offers a wide panoramic view. On one side, beyond the hills of the country of the old castle of Porrona, you can see the wooded slopes of Mount Amiata; on the other side, the populated hills of the territory of Montalcino while, on the west, the hills of the varied skyline of the Mediterranean scrub, beyond which is the Tyrrhenian Sea with its cool afternoon breeze.

Not far away the Orcia river flows into the Ombrone river and, after Sasso d’Ombrone, becomes definitively Maremman. The confluence of these rivers, surrounded by mountains and hills, somehow stresses the merger of territories that are geographically and historically different: the Amiata territory, the Siena/Montalcino territory and the Maremma.

The apartments for your holidays in Tuscany

Five cosy apartments with independent entrance in an ancient and imposing medieval farmhouse to spend unique holidays in the amazing Maremma region.

historic residence for holidays in tuscany


Apartments in an ancient medieval farmhouse with a magical atmosphere.


Multi-purpose field for sport activities available to our guests.


Warm and quiet place where you can spend your evenings tasting excellent wines.


Rosso della Porticcia – Montecucco DOC. Pure ruby red Sangiovese wine.